Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some of my menagerie...

I like to make amigurumi crochet. I first got started when I purchased Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts!: Amigurumi and quickly found that I wanted to create some of my own. Here are some of my own little creatures:

Scooty the Snail

He was a gift for my younger son...

Olivia the Owl

I really wanted to have an owl, and couldn't find a pattern I liked so I made this one.

Domokun & his Dead Kitty

Another one for the kid. He asked for this. I tried to not get weirded out by that. Anyway, I'm happy with the way the design turned out. *sigh*

Pedro the Pufferfish

This guy was inspired by a trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

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